Call for Papers

Integrated Cognition is concerned with consolidating the functionality and phenomena implicated in natural minds/brains and/or artificial cognitive systems (virtual humans, intelligent agents or intelligent robots).  The aim of this symposium is to bring together researchers from across the spectrum of approaches and perspectives to exchange research results and discuss how best to create an ongoing forum for such exchanges.  The focus is on how the mind arises from the interaction of its constituent parts, and includes everything implicated in human-level performance in complex environments.  This includes not only traditional cognitive aspects – such as planning and problem solving, knowledge representation and reasoning, language and interaction, and learning – but also perception and control, personality and emotion, and motivation.  It also includes not only integration across cognitive mechanisms, as is typical in work on cognitive architectures, but also across more abstract constraints on cognition.  It furthermore includes work on across-level integration, including combining cognitive capabilities with aspects of lower levels, whether computational or neural; as well as integrating in aspects of higher levels, whether cognitive applications or the social band from Newell’s time scales.

Contributions to this symposium may cover the integration of mechanisms, capabilities, constraints, models, applications and levels; and may involve the creation, enhancement, evaluation and/or analysis of such combinations.  Contributions may be in the form of technical papers with results on integrated cognition, panel discussions of key issues in integrated cognition, or proposals for new approaches to integrated cognition.  The forum is open to all paradigms, with evaluation of submissions based on the general criterion of how much they further our understanding of integrated cognition.  Proposals for discussion panels should involve 4 to 6 participants and include a description of the overall panel topic as well as abstracts for each panelist contributions.  Papers and discussion panel proposals should be between 5 and 8 pages long, including references, in AAAI format (  Submissions in PDF format are due by May 24, 2013 to either or both of the conference co-chairs by email only:

Christian Lebiere
Department of Psychology
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
Phone: (412) 268-6028
Fax: (41) 268-2798
Paul S. Rosenbloom
Institute for Creative Technologies
University of Southern California
12015 Waterfront Dr.
Playa Vista, CA 90094, USA
Phone: (310) 448-5341
Fax: (310) 574-5725